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Central Vacuum Systems


Frequently Asked Questions:


How much does the system cost?

Prices range from R7500 and includes complete delivery plus installation.  We can also help you with you DIY installation.  Contact us for a quote.

How does the system work?

The system is normally installed during the building of your new home, but can also be installed in existing homes.  Pipes will be built into the walls (for existing homes, the pipes will run above the ceiling).  The power unit (vacuum machine) will be installed in the garage or basement with wall inlets at central, convenient locations inside your home. A VacPanTM can be installed in the kitchen for convenient removal of dirt using a broom.  A nine meter hose is inserted into the wall inlets and the vacuum is switched on and off using a switch on the hose handle. 

What happens if there is a blockage in the pipe system?

A blockage should almost never occur. The diameter of the hose and inlet valve is less than that of the piping in the walls. We also install a sharp 90 degree bend at the back of all inlet valves (all other bends in the system are what we call sweep/slow bends) in order to catch any large object that might want to go into the system. If a blockage do occur (but as mentioned, almost never) we would use a steel tape to remove it from the system.

How often should the machine be cleaned?

The vacuum system has a self-cleaning, no maintenance filter, which is permanent and never needs to be replaced or washed.  The dirt collection canister must be emptied every 3 or 4 months.

How is the system installed in an existing home?

In an existing home tubing will run above the ceiling and if possible, go down inside built-in cupboards and then through the walls to central locations.  If necessary and if possible the 50mm tubing will be chased into the wall - this will mean re-plastering and painting.

What are the benefits of a Built-In Central Vacuum?

  • Healthier air - Fine dust particles and other allergens are not blown back into your home as with conventional vacuum cleaners.  Central vacuum systems eliminate the re-circulation of dirty air inside your living area - all contacted dirt is completely removed.

  • Convenience - No need to carry a heavy machine up and down stairs, no power leads to struggle with, just insert the 9 meter hose into an inlet and vacuum!

  • More power - Central Vacuums have larger motors and therefore more power than traditional vacuum cleaners.

  • Less noise - Because the power unit is located in the garage or basement, vacuuming is much quieter.

  • Home value - The installation of any permanent appliance in your home - such as a central vacuum system - will increase the value when you decide to sell.

Technical Information


        CHS4000 CHS6000      
    Size of Home - up to (sqm)   600 1000      
    Vacuum (kPa)   -34 -36      
    Air Flow (L/s)   67 54      
    Air Watts   685 630      
    Suction (mm water lift)   3106 3652      
    Max Power (watt)   1800 1800      
    Min Amps   7.4 7.6      
    Diameter (mm)   360 360      
    Height (mm)   1000 1000      
    Weight (kg)   14.6 14.6      
    Suggested max tubing (m)   50 100      
    Filter   Cloth filter Cloth filter      

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